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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am starting this blog in honor of my 5 year employment date at my job.  For job security purposes, I won't name my company, however, I will clue you in and tell you that it rhymes with "Schmerizon".  Yup, 5 years ago TODAY I walked into my first 'big girl' job.  I was nervous and didn't know quite what to expect. Hell, I didn't even know what the job entailed.... I just knew that I was being started out at $10.25 an hour and I worked inside.  I remember being thankful for my Dad and brother on my first day of work who helped me get my nice comfy desk job.  My first paycheck was a whole $197 and i was THRILLED to death.  Let me first say, I am very thankful for my job at 'Rhymes with Schmerizon'.  They have provided my family and I with much needed medical benefits, a pension, a 401k, 3 whole weeks of vacation time, and competitive wages.  What more could a high school graduate ask for? 

In hindsight, I am very blessed for this job and the opportunity it has given me to provide for my family. 

5 years may not be a long time to some people, but to me, it's something like 1/5 of my life...  so it's a pretty big deal.  I can't tell you how many times I have said to my co-workers, "Man!! We should have a reality show!" or "By the time I'm 62, I'll be retired and writing about all my crazy experiences here!"

That's where this blog comes into play.  I have stories that will horrify you, make you laugh, make you cry.  Stories that will make you question society and leave you asking yourself "Have I hugged my customer service rep lately?!"

So enjoy you guys... This shit is 5 years in the making.

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